I NEED Tacko Fall On The Celtics Roster This Season

The Celtics are going to look vastly different next season. I know it, you know it, and your brother’s dog knows it too. Their roster is almost complete. But, there is one name that should be on the roster that isn’t on just yet. His name? Tacko Fall.

Need a few more reasons to put him on the roster? Here’s a few to consider.

His Size

You can’t teach size. Tacko Fall is 7’6. He would easily be the tallest player in the NBA. You see what he’s doing to guys in the Summer League thus far? Yes, I understand it’s only Summer League. But imagine having Tacko in the game with five seconds left on the clock and the Celtics are on defense? Nobody is going to want to come into the paint, and I mean…NOBODY!

His Blocking Ability

The Celtics could use a shot blocker and that’s exactly what Tacko Fall can give them. He blocked shots in college and now is blocking shots in the Summer League with relative ease. Fall almost reminds me of a Nerlens Noel type of player, good defensively with an offensive upside. If he can increase his stamina a bit, Fall could be blocking shots left and right. Tell me that isn’t going to get the T.D. Garden going, you can’t.

Endless Opportunities In Boston

Boston is a great sports city to play in if you take advantage of it. (*Cough* Kyrie Irving *Cough*) Tacko Fall can be an absolute legend in Boston. The possibilities are endless for fans.

There’s plenty more of these on the way too. The Celtics are going for a more likable product this upcoming season. So, why not bring in the big fella, even if it’s for garbage time minutes?

In Conclusion

There has to be a spot on this team for Tacko Fall. This means that a guy like Tremont Waters might not make it and that’s fine. The Celtics problem has been rebounding for years now. Here is a guy that can do it. Take a chance here and give the fans what they want. Plus, look at how he is with Danny Ainge.

We might be on to something here.

-Alan Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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