I Have Something To Say About This “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” Controversy

I have to get this off of my chest. “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is taking some heat and I for one, will not stand for such anger and disdain towards an all-time classic song. 

I’ll start off by saying this. I’ve been beckoning this song’s creepiness for years. I’ve recognized that this song has a low key sexual predator feel to it since I exited the womb. I was born in February and I think that my doctor might have been a big Christmas guy because if I can recall, that song was playing upon exit into this world. 

The story, if you guys don’t know, is that this song has been stripped by some radio stations and is at the focal point of a lot of holiday debates. Should this song be played on your FM dial or shouldn’t it is the question of the month. It all began when a radio station in Cleveland put their foot down and said “Goshdarnit. If I hear this man ask for this woman’s company one more time my head might melt!”. They’ve completly removed it from their airwaves and now, it’s all the world can talk about. 

First of all, I’m completely okay, I guess, with radio stations dictating whether or not they want to play this song. You know why they can do whatever they want? Because it’s the freedom of the radio and it’s within FCC bounds. Also, the bigger factor… It’s 2018. If you want to tune in to some sexual, holiday undertones, just plug your phone into your speakers via that fancy aux cord and jam. Who am I to judge? 

If I were a program director for a hot radio station only playing the top Christmas hits, would I pull the song? 

Buddy, you and I both know I wouldn’t. And honestly, because it’s tradition. Like I said, I understand the argument that this song is creepy. But we’ve literally made it through every single holiday season since it’s conception — I think that’s the word — in 1944. That includes years where social media has run rampant during the holiday season, and it hasn’t been this large of an issue before. Why is it all of a sudden a problem? 

It’s such a minute issue to me and I’m pretty sure everyone who’s complaining about it too.

Have we heard what’s on the radio in 2018? We’re talking about popping molly, doing the weed and seeing some big ol‘ booty cheeks bouncing around while someone next to you does a line of cocaine. And “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” is the song we think is too inappropriate for our airwaves?

 It perpetuates some gross issues that we do have in society today, I will admit that. I’m a 24 year old white male and I’ll say this. Men are trash. We just are. Well, some of us are. Not all. There are so many guys out there that should be locked up for their disgusting behavior and some who can’t take no for an answer. Maybe like in this song here. 

And I understand that it’s topical in this day and age because we are living through the #MeToo movement which took down a ton of scumbags. But unless this song literally says something like, “Sexually assaulting a woman is totally okay”, then just leave this specific song alone, please.

I consider myself a liberal democrat but even stuff like this makes me want to log off of the internet forever. I’ll stand for people who feel offended most of the time because who am I to say what offends someone? But something like this, man, I just can’t get behind. 

I love stirring the pot and I almost want to be on the radio station’s side of this just so I can argue with people. I literally just can’t muster up that kind of fake rage, though. 

And PLUS. It brought one of my favorite movie scenes in Elf to life with that duet between Jovie and Buddy. 

I mean dammit people. That’s movie magic!

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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