I Don’t Believe Brian Bowen

In an exclusive interview with Outside the Lines on ESPN, Louisville recruit Brian Bowen claimed he had “no idea” about the money that was allegedly wired to him from Adidas for his commitment to Louisville. We all remember the FBI report, so I won’t dive too deep into those specifics.

I don’t know what it is, but I don’t believe a word Bowen has to say about his innocence. The FBI confirmed that the money was wired to Bowen’s father, and Bowen claims he didn’t know about this at all. Mainly because of how long it took for this statement to come out, I can’t buy it. Why was he so silent when the initial reports came out? It only makes sense that Bowen would claim that he’s a victim in this situation and his father/Adidas are the ones at fault. The kid wants to play college ball, and I have a hard time believing anyone would take him knowing that he willingly accepted that money.

Another thing that does not make sense to me is the fact that he stated in his interview that him and his father are on good terms, and their love for each other has “grown” since the situation. If you knew that your father illegally accepted money on your behalf, and did not tell you about it, why would your relationship get stronger with him? I would be extremely pissed if my parent did something that could completely alter my future like that.

A lot of what Bowen had to say just doesn’t add up to me. I feel like he’s using his father as a fall guy so he still has a chance to play basketball somewhere. I’m sure more information will be released soon, so maybe things will start to make sense. But for now, I don’t buy what he’s selling AT ALL.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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