Hulk Hogan’s Worst Movies: Mr. Nanny

He’s not just the baby sitter, he’s Mr. Nanny. Hulk Hogan like you’ve never seen him before, he is a nanny and he’s no more mister nice guy. Two weeks ago, I introduced you to Hulk Hogan’s Worst Movies blog series with Suburban Commando. I am still a sucker for bad movies featuring wrestlers. But, this Hulk Hogan flick might just be the worst film he has ever been in.

The Actual Film

Two years after Suburban Commando, Hogan returned to Hollywood for Mr. Nanny in a film that would feature Sherman Helmsley, not be confused by the most famous Helmsley of all HHH,  along side him. The plot of the film features Hogan as Sean Armstrong, a professional wrestler out of work that is convinced to become a body guard by his manager, Helmsley.

Well you know something’, Mean Gene, I spent another $2.99 to review this flick. The people at New Line Cinema’s should have body slammed this before it hit theaters because it only grossed $4.3 million.

The film would feature a terrible sound track and an unforgettable scene where at the beginning of the film while riding his motorcycle, you see a guy throw a dog into the river.

Hogan would be hired as a bodyguard for Alex Mason Sr., who is the head of Mason Systems where he is developing a new anti-missile system, the Peacefinder Project. The missile in the movie doesn’t look so much like a missile but more like a big…

But Hold On…

This is going sideways quick here. Anyway, Mason has some vital information on the chip, but its the cheap that doesn’t need protecting, it’s his bratty kids in the movie. The two kids Alex Jr and Kate would be the typical rich kids in movies who are scaring off their baby sitters. Would Hogan be up for the challenge?

Hogan went from body slamming Andre The Giant at WrestleMania III in front of a record setting crowd 93,173. These kids are going to be no problem for the Hulkster, right?

Hogan quickly finds out why Mason needs someone to watch his wild kids. The kids grow tired of their father working so much. Having lost their mother, they want to see their dad home. These two kids torture Hogan throughout the film in Home Alone type tactics and hi-jinx. While Hogan has these kids torturing him like Kevin McCallister, he’s playing dad and nanny. He’ll also be dealing with a villain in the film played by David Johansen. Johansen’s character would look for revenge against Hogan because he wouldn’t throw a wrestling match. He would get into a fight with Thanatos and throw him off a building into an empty swimming pool. A fall he would end up surviving because of his huge afro and would end up later with a metal plate on the top of his head. I mean, if you don’t want to watch now, then I don’t know what will reel you in.

In case you are wondering who Johansen is he’s the guy who was also known as Buster Poindexter who sang the song Hot, Hot, Hot. Me mind on fire, Me soul on fire…Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot!

Poindexter kidnaps the kids and he demands the chip in exchange for the kids. Hogan and the kids take out Thanatos and the villains and they all live happily ever after.

Final Thoughts

This movie isn’t the greatest film. In fact it was terrible but it held my attention because I wanted to continue my Hogan movie series. Also the little girl Kate in the movie, starring Madeline Zima, was on the show The Nanny. While Hulk Hogan flopped in this feel good children’s movie, there is only one Nanny and that is Fran Drescher.

-Chris Henrique (@ChrisHenrique) 

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