How Does Jess Mendoza Still Have A Job?

Jessica Mendoza isn’t meant for analyzing baseball…and it’s NOT BECAUSE SHE’S A GIRL! So let’s get over that story line right now.

She simply is boring and has zero insight.

If you didn’t know, Mendoza played softball at a very high level and was on two Olympic teams for the states. She also did some work broadcasting softball games for the four letter network. Fun Fact: she was actually good at broadcasting softball because she played it!

Every time the Red Sox are on Sunday Night Baseball I actually have to mute the TV to interrupt my frustrations. All she does is analyze things that are obvious. She tries to tell us that this pitch is a curveball because of the rotation and the batter missed the ball above it. She likes to mention David Price and how he’s such a GREAT teammate and basically praises Price while he’s pitching terrible and all I want is the ANALYST to ANALYZE why he sucks….IT’S NOT THAT HARD!

When they played the Yankees this past weekend, like clockwork, Price was pitching. All she did was give boring insight to his life. It’s not just me with these awful expectations either:

Fast forward to the home run derby. Overall the broadcast team was bad and it actually made me miss Chris Berman screaming BACK BACK BACK BACK! Then there was Mendoza… All she did was gawk like a little school girl screaming “WOWWW” and “look at those guys reactions over there!”

Now, you may be reading this and consider me a woman hater or that I’m only talking about this because she’s a woman….READ THE FIRST SENTENCE.

I’m writing this because she’s terrible at her job and I want Curt Schilling back.

Chalk Schill exit and Mendoza entrance as other MASSIVE failure to the file for ESPN.

Written By: Jared Scali (@Jared_Scali)

One thought on “How Does Jess Mendoza Still Have A Job?

  • June 25, 2018 at 6:55 pm

    She’s awful because she panders. She says what she thinks people want to hear. The public can see right thru that. I believe she does it because she’s inarticulate as a baseball analyst. It’s very difficult filling airtime in a baseball game principally due to the slow pace and she has two other people with her, making it more difficult as they have to entertain and not sound redundant. This is another failed attempt by ESPN to appeal to a market demographic which doesn’t embrace the sport.

    She is as bad as insecure egomaniac Joe Morgan or Everyman DumbS#!T John Kruk. None of these people were appealing. Bob Costas would be excellent, IS excellent. A little humility goes a long way with john q. public. I said last year that Boone was far more insightful because he was studied as a baseball analyst. He knows of which he speaks. What happened ? He is now Manager of the Yankees. Do you think Mendoza has the knowledge to skipper the Yankees?
    She got the job because she’s a woman and played softball. Softball and baseball are not the same, not even close, especially woman’s softball and Major league baseball. I played, managed and umpired at very high levels against and with major league talent. Mendoza is a joke being pushed on the casual baseball fan. “Oh, isn’t it nice , their letting a woman do games now, maybe that will open some doors for others.” The problem is she hasn’t earned it. Even casual fans know that at a deeper level. No one like’s being condescended too. When a woman OR a man who has paid dues and has talent shows up the public will embrace them. John Miler, Jack Brickhouse, Ernie Harwell, Vin Scully. Al Micheals is on his way. the afore mentioned Bob Costas,Superb. PLEASE ESPN, GET rid of her, I implore you. In the meantime I’ll watch with the radio on.


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