How Does Dan Quinn Still Have a Job?

Yesterday afternoon, the Los Angeles Rams took care of the Atlanta Falcons handily, beating them by a final score of 37-10. The Rams were dominant throughout by bullying the Falcons on both sides of the football. Los Angeles finished the game gaining 381 total yards while only giving up 224 to Atlanta (a lot of which came in garbage time).

The Atlanta Falcons are now an atrocious 1-6 on the season. They are a fourth down conversion away from being 0-7 too: how does Falcons Head Coach Dan Quinn still have his job? The former Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator came over to lead the Falcons before the 2015 season and has accumulated a 37-34 record. I know that’s not terrible, but since reaching the Super Bowl in 2015, the Falcons have won 10 then 7 then (so far) 1 game(s). Under Quinn, the Falcons have gotten progressively worse.

Quinn was supposed to come in and fix Atlanta’s defense, which he did initially, but the Falcons have reverted back to their old ways: last season they ranked 28 in total defense and this season they sit at 27. If that’s Quinn’s specialty then why is he still HC? Is he giving Atlanta anything of value? With so many weapons on offense (Matt Ryan Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley, Austin Hooper, Devonta Freeman, etc.) Quinn / the offensive coordinator don’t need to scheme up much. They need a better offensive line but regardless of that the offense still continues to put up points; that’s why the defense is 100% Atlanta’s biggest issue.

The Falcons have looked overmatched almost all season. Like I mentioned, the defense is a flaming pile of garbage. They have some good players on that side like Deion Jones, Vic Beasley and Tak McKinnley, but playing on a terrible team with a lack of scheme makes that unimportant. That’s why Dan Quinn has to go. Atlanta needs a fresh mind, new thoughts and a spark to get this team back where it wants to be.

-Jarrod Ribaudo (@Jribs53)

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