How Could Greg Monroe Potentially Fit on the Celtics?

After the Suns acquired Greg Monroe from the Bucks in exchange for Eric Bledsoe, it was reported that Monroe most likely would not play for the team at all this season. While currently seeking trade options first, it’s more than likely that the Suns will end up buying him out.

The Celtics currently have $8.4M in DPE (Disabled Player Exception), which is plenty of enough room to sign Monroe. But should they?

Greg Monroe, known Celtic killer, would be a great pairing with the C’s current big man rotation of Horford/Baynes/Theis. He would provide them with solid low-post scoring and rebounding coming off the bench, something they’re going to need more consistently as the year progresses.

I personally say if Monroe does become available, they should make the move. Ainge has to use that DPE eventually, and who knows how many more options like Monroe will arise? Sure, they could make a trade for somebody before the deadline, but with Monroe, you aren’t losing any assets if he hits free agency. In a trade scenario, someone or something would have to go. I’m sure Ainge doesn’t want to risk any sort of asset just for a one-year rental.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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