High Heat Fantasy Baseball Podcast: Episode 6

In this week’s episode of High Heat Fantasy Baseball Matty and Kevin are joined by one of the members of Small State Big Takes, Mike Gilligan.  This week they are highlighting some of the game plans, strategies and tactics used in past drafts.  The fellas bring you fantasy baseball talk that is more suited for the bar than the classroom.

Also check out Matty Kiwoom’s 2021 updated positional rankings. Out now!

Matty Kiwoom’s Fantasy Baseball Positional Rankings

Topics Covered This Week

Draft szn is now in the rearview mirror.  The regular season is here!  Sometimes it is good to look back and discuss some of the things that were done during past drafts.  Is pocket aces the go to move?  What was the approach drafting catchers and relief pitchers?  Who were the must haves for the 2021 fantasy baseball season?  Those are some of the questions that were answered in episode 6 of High Heat Fantasy baseball.

Where Can You Find Us?

You can find the boys on Twitter @MattyKiwoom & @perdios95. You will also check out the podcast’s Twitter handle @HighHeatFFB. Mike’s twitter handle is @BigGilli.  Find the show on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts. Basically where ever you check out podcasts.

Be sure to keep coming back for more fire fantasy baseball content.


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