High Heat Fantasy Baseball: Episode 15

Every Thursday morning High Heat Fantasy Baseball brings you valuable nuggets to help you win in your fantasy league.
Featuring player breakdowns, news and notes, and our tips on how to manager your roster.  There is no guest on this week’s episode.  It’s just the dynamic duo, the gruesome twosome, the O.G.s…Kevin and Matty Kiwoom.  Episode 15 was a blast to record and I hope you enjoy the FBB content.

Topics Covered This Week

  • Lefty starters who stink!
  • Injuries continue to flatten fantasy baseball rosters
  • Who is the new 1B #1?
  • Where does Shohei Ohtani rank amongst the SPs?
  • And obviously so much more

Where Can You Find Us?

You can find the boys on Twitter @MattyKiwoom & @perdios95. You will also check out the podcast’s Twitter handle @HighHeatFBB.  Find the show on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Pods. Basically where ever you listen to podcasts.  Please share with your league mates, friends, and hell even your nemesis.

Be sure to keep coming back for more fire fantasy baseball content.

Matty Kiwoom

My name is Matt and I'm a sports-a-holic. *pauses for warm welcome*

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