Here we go again with Manny Machado

Probably the biggest story currently going on this off-season revolves around one of the best players in the league, Manny Machado. The rumors are never-ending on where he could possibly get traded, but the one that is constantly being thrown around is to Boston.

Welp, shockingly now the Yankees are reportedly back in the mix for Machado. Why just why? Lets just be real the odds of Machado heading to NY are next to nothing and probably wont happen, this is just the Yankees being the Yankees. What greedy A-holes!

Among the other teams that have inquired about the 3B slugger are the Cubs, White Sox, Cardinals, Diamondbacks and Phillies. To me if Machado was to get traded there is one team that will make the most sense. It will be the Cardinals. The Cubs have Bryant, the D-backs just don’t strike me as a good fit. I know that Machado would be a huge piece for them to put next to Paul Goldschmidt but we need to remember that Machado is a free agent next offseason and don’t see him resigning to stay in Arizona. The other teams are in the same boat they are all in a rebuild and unless part of the trade is a sign and trade where Machado agrees to resign with the team before the deal is made, there is no shot he goes to Philly or the White Sox.

The Yankees have the best prospect pool to give up to land Machado but if I was Baltimore I would also want some MLB ready players thrown in. Maybe along the lines of a JBJ or Xander? But that’s just me. Not to mention I would not even answer the call until I first got an acceptance from Machado to resign. Either way this is an interesting topic and it is going to be very interesting to see where he ends up landing.

Written By: Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)

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