Here We Go Again Another Round of MLB Negotiations Today

Sources indicate the MLB and MLBPA will be negotiating “multiple times” today with the hopes that 162 games can still be played this season. However, they’re saying that today is the new deadline to be able to do so. Is there any hope they’ll get a deal done today?

The Updates:

It seems the MLB has proposed upping the luxary tax threshold to $228 million, but that’s not enough for the players at this point. And, if you haven’t seen it yet, the two sides seem to have agreed on a proposal banning the shift and adding a pitch clock in 2023:

Many fans aren’t happy, but at least the players and owners have agreed to something. And Jon Heyman seems to think there’s a lot to look forward to:

However, I think we should also be expecting some pushback by the players after the MLB announced a deal with Apple to stream games. Below are the terms.

Clearly, some of the owners’ complaints that the MLB doesn’t make enough money to pay players more aren’t quite as truthful as they would want us to think. With this in mind, I would expect negotiations to break down somewhat, the deadline passing, and a few more games being cancelled. With how far apart the teams and players still seem to be, especially on the luxury tax, I don’t expect much progress to be made today. I think we’d be lucky to get 140 games this year at this point.

Image Source : USA Today

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