Gordon Hayward is balling in the Bubble and it’s not just because of the mustache

Gordon Hayward is thriving in the bubble. Last night seemed like he just couldn’t miss a shot. Every jumper was the right shot to take, and it was so smooth. He was also accelerating and elevating more aggressively than I’ve seen him all year. The first two drives of the video above were him just using his speed and bursting to the rim and then finishing with a two-handed dunk. Now, I know people think it’s the stache that is giving him this power, but I have a different take.

The number one reason why he is playing the way he’s playing is that “Daddy is always happy.” Hear me out, and I don’t say this disrespectfully, but he’s getting a break from being a dad. He is in the bubble, he can’t leave, and no one can visit. He probably has a FaceTime with the kids, but as a father of 6-year-old I know, they don’t even want to talk to you! Just today, I called my daughter and I’m still waiting for a callback. So he probably calls them, goes and does team things then he’s gaming! I mean the dude is living life like he’s back at Butler and it shows on the court. He’s playing so loose and easy going. He had a shot where he was running into the corner, caught the ball, turned away to his left, and it was cash. Some of the shots where last season you would be super skeptical if he took them. Late game block looking like LeBron chasing the outlet down the court. Making the correct extra pass and not forcing shots. I love Gordon this season. Hayward is balling having fun and I hope it continues.

(I’m sure he misses his kids)

-Mike Yebba (@amikewithamic_)

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