Have You Ever Heard the Song “Overnight Celebrity” by Twista?

Hey guys. Have you ever heard this song? Because I have a strong feeling you will – forever.

In 2004 rap artist and aspiring hotel lobby decorator, Twista, penned the eternal number called “Overnight Celebrity”. I’m writing this blog because in my heart of hearts I think this song is playing on repeat in all souls’ resting places. Let’s dive in.

I know what you’re thinking. Where am I? Why am I reading this? Most likely you’re not very busy, so let’s keep moving.

What song do you think is playing over and over in Hell? Something by Nickelback? Lou Bega’s Mambo #5? Believe me when I say you’re dead wrong. It’s Twista’s, Overnight Celebrity. It’s almost too easy to picture. The tight rhymes and fast-paced melody blare on ten as the devil burns your nips off with a heated up coat hanger. “Why don’t we, play something these hoes’d like…” Satan sings along as he reminds you that you cheated on your wife at a Holiday INN in upstate New York — Twista’s hellish lyrics the soundtrack to your damnation. Again and again and again.

I’m sorry to be such a bummer. I know people don’t like to think about death or hell in particular… But that’s the beauty of this song. It’s such a deep and complex rhythmic masterpiece that it doesn’t just live in the underworld. The song transcends good and evil. And that’s why I think it’s also playing for eternity in Jesus’s backyard. Let’s explore.

Most people probably picture heaven’s playlist including a variety of Beatles’ hits, maybe some Bob Marley. Wouldn’t it be cool to smoke some herb with the guy who wrote No Woman No Cry? Well first, if you smoke weed you should be in fucking hell and secondly, you’re wrong because Twista’s Overnight Celebrity is also playing over and over in, you guessed it, Heaven.

In fact, some theologians believe there’s concrete info in the book of Job that proves God spoke to Twista, during the recording process. The song was initially going to be rapped very slow by the musician. It was the spirit of Christ that filled Twista inspiring him to speed things up…Way the fuck up. 

T, Spin it back.

Oh, and P.S. Why hasn’t anybody seen Twista since late 2006? Could he be performing live somewhere? Maybe splitting time between two venues?

-Steak Jones


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