The Patriots Are Looking For Their Next Quarterback

It looks like the Patriots are starting to prepare for life without Tom Brady.

After trading Jimmy G to San Fransisco, the Patriots left themselves without an heir to the iron throne in New England (yes I’m watching Game of Thrones right now). Brian Hoyer is the only QB listed on the Pats roster not named Tom Brady, and we all know he isn’t the guy to lead the way post-Brady.

Could it be Josh Rosen? Should it be Josh Rosen? I take most rumors from Fox Sports with a grain of salt, but if this has any truth to it, I’d be pretty happy. Rosen was a first round pick just a year ago. Although he wasn’t the first QB taken, many scouts believed him to be the best from his class. He might have stunk last year, but if there’s still ANY potential there, why wouldn’t you gamble on him? Especially if the price right now is just a second rounder. Hell, I’d probably do it for a first. I’d make a move for Rosen a billion times over if I were Bill Belichick.

-Nick Cherico (@CouchGuyCherico)

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