Happy Birthday to Bill Belichick…a Legend!

The G.O.A.T. of head coaching turned 68 today. Since becoming the father of the New England Patriots in 2000, he has accumulated 304 total wins, winning 68.6% of games. Belichick has also racked up an impressive 17 division titles, including 11 straight titles, and six (6) additional Super Bowl rings to his collection. Around New England, people recognize his infamously stern facial expressions and vague information he releases in the press. We have, however, been shown signs that he is, in fact, human. Some of my favorite memories over the previous 20 years have Belichick attached to them in one way or another.

Here are some of my favorites:

First Super Bowl Victory with New England

This win will always stick out in memory because it was against the Rams. My brother was getting more serious about his girlfriend who is from Missouri. He and I bought a poster for her kids to commemorate the lovely occasion. They weren’t amused then, but they find it funny now. That has to be some Belichick level pettiness from my oldest brother and me. 

Dog on the News 

Who doesn’t like stories involving famous people’s dogs? No one. Bill has a dog named Nike and I first learned of his Alaskan Klee Kai I became glued to my TV. Seeing Belichick interact with something other than a cut hoodie, a sight everyone should take in. If you are also interested in learning about Nike, watch the story here.

*added bonus, one time he was seen with his dog in a hoodie at a BU lacrosse game; how much more on brand can one person get? 

Drinking Orange Juice

An innocent photo snapped by beat reporter, Jeff Howe, during the 2015 NFL owner meetings turned into a reaction photo that every Patriots fan has saved on their phones.

Let’s Party Meme


I’m huge on things that make me laugh and this edit will always make me laugh.  I hope you all enjoy it as well.

Super Bowl 53

I love a good sentimental moment. The ending of Super Bowl 53 was full of them. Emotions were on display. The cheers up the sideline saying, “We’re champs!” still gives me goosebumps. As trophies were handed out and confetti fell, Belichick shared a sweet moment taking his granddaughter from Julian Edelman. 

We’re on to Cincinnati

After a tough loss, you can count on Bill Belichick to want to put it behind him and move forward. Those few little words might mean more to us in New England than the phrase “I love you.” Relive that iconic moment from 2014 here.

Throwing the Tablet

We all get mad, Belichick just normally gets irked by modern technology. Whether it’s players on snapface or instachat, or the league provided Microsoft Surface tablet, you’ll know he isn’t a fan. 

Happy Birthday, Coach! I hope you have a great day and a nice 69th trip around the sun this year!

-Jess Donahue (@jldx392)

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