Happy 6th Anniversary to Jaylen Brown and the Infamous Teacher Tweet

We all have that one teacher/professor that we’ll never forget. For me, I was lucky enough to have a number of great teachers who I’ll always remember. Others might remember teachers, but for a negative comment or two. For Jaylen Brown, this is the anniversary of one teacher’s comment that he’ll always use for motivation.

This tweet comes up every year, but you get the point. A year later and nothing has changed. Jaylen Brown continues to prove his teacher wrong.

Is This Teacher Alright?

You know what, she should hide! As a substitute teacher and future full-time educator, I am SO against this. You’re really going to tell a kid he’s going to be in jail in five years? What in the actual heck is wrong with you!? Jaylen Brown was going to be a star in short time. He was heading to the University of California, Berkeley to hopefully make it to the NBA. Now? He’s leading a Celtics team that is a top team in the Eastern Conference. They may even be one big piece away from being serious NBA title contenders. This teacher was dead wrong to say that to Jaylen Brown. Now, she’s eating her words.

The Future for Jaylen Brown

Jaylen’s future looks extremely bright. He is a part of a Celtics team that’s young and thriving. The shooting guard/small forward has a duo partner in Jayson Tatum that can take the league by storm, in due time. This kid has a very bright future of him ahead in Boston. Now, it’s up to Danny Ainge to keep him here for the duration of his career.

In Conclusion

That teacher is probably kicking herself for that one. It also goes to show that motivation can come from any source. That comment is always going to stick with Jaylen Brown. We as Celtics fans are ecstatic to have him. As a treat and a way to stick it to that teacher, here are some highlights that prove that Jaylen Brown is exactly where he’s supposed to be in life.

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