GSP Set to Announce His Retirement Tomorrow; Khabib Has Other Plans

Every sport has its legends and it’s always a shock to fans when they retire. Basketball has Jordan, Hockey has Gretzky, Baseball has Ruth, and Boxing has Ali. In MMA it’s constantly debated among fans who the greatest fighter of all time is. The names that usually come up are Anderson Silva, George St. Pierre, and Jon Jones. Many people say GSP is clearly the GOAT of MMA because he’s the only one out of the three that’s never had a USADA violation. Pierre went 26 and 2 in his MMA career, and is regarded as the most dominant welterweight champion of all time. He hung up his gloves in 2013 after a close fight with Johnny Hendricks. It wasn’t clear if that was the last time we’d see GSP fight inside an octagon, but many fans believed it was. That was until he announced he was ready to make his return, and was set to take on then middleweight champion Michael Bisping. It had been 4 years since St.Pierre had stepped inside an octagon, and he was fighting in a weight class he’s never competed in before; so many people thought Bisping was the favorite heading into this fight. The first two rounds were close but GSP ended up knocking Bisping down in round three and chocking Bisping unconscious to get himself the win.

GSP then took another hiatus and eventually was stripped of his middleweight title. There was some hope of GSP making another return this year and the fight he had his eyes set on was a matchup against Khabib. That’s why many fans were shocked to hear that GSP will officially be retiring from MMA at a press conference in Montreal tomorrow. GSP said the reason he’ll be retiring is because the fight with Khabib never materialized.

Shortly after this news came out Khabib took to Twitter and said that he wants to fight GSP at Madison Square Garden in November. It’ll be interesting to see if GSP has any comment about Khabib’s comments tomorrow at the press conference. If GSP does accept one last fight against Khabib it would undoubtedly be the hardest opponent GSP has faced in his legendary career.

Stephen Caloggero (@Stevie_calo)

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