Gronkowski’s Cryptic Goodbye Message To Amendola


As we all know by now, Danny Amendola is heading to the Miami Dolphins in what has been a relatively crazy free agency so far. Amendola is not only a tough player to replace on the field, but tough to replace off the field as well. Amendola is not only loved by the public but also by many of his teammates. Many have posted on social media expressing how they will be missing him, but one person’s Instagram post has everybody up in arms.


Rob Gronkowski has been under a lot of scrutiny this offseason ever since his comments directly after the Super Bowl stating he would evaluate whether or not he would be returning to the NFL next year. Ever since those comments every little thing that Gronk does gets blown up in the media. From his other cryptic tweets to this good bye post to Amendola.


The caption reads: “It was a honor playing with ya the past 5 years @dannyamendola Thanks for all the hugs and memories! Stay lit, Be FREE, Be HAPPY. Your hard work, the way you play at your size, the pain you fought through, the hits you take and get right back up talking shit back. I appreciated it all. Congrats. Enjoy Miami kid.”



Gronk says “Be FREE, be HAPPY.” Which many people think are him taking shots at the Patriots. There have been reports saying Gronk wasn’t happy at all with this season, and didn’t like the environment at Gillette and with the team. People are jumping to assumptions saying that Gronk is congratulating Amendola for being free and can now be happy away from the Patriots organization.


This whole thing is a load of BULLSHIT, how’s that for a message in all caps. Gronk possibly retiring? Absolutely not. Gronk is the best Tight End in the league. If he stays in the league he will without a doubt go down as the best Tight End to ever play the game. Also he’ll be able to make a lot more money than if he were to retire and go to the WWE (yes that was a rumor, how ridiculous). Gronk absolutely knows how much everybody wants to know and he is playing this out as much as he can to screw with everyone. I have no doubt in my mind, come week 1 we will see Gronk suited up in a Patriots uniform, ready to “Yo Soy Fiesta” and Gronk spike all the way to the Super Bowl.


-John O’Connell
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