Greg Allen Might be the Best Player on the Yankees

Okay… I know i’m working with a very small sample size here. But hear me out. Greg Allen is incredible. He’s better than every other player on the Yankees right now.

Obviously Allen has only played a few games with the Yankees so i’m not going to use many stats to backup my argument here. Rather, i’m just gonna wing it and speak on how this guy makes the Yankees 100x better.

COVID Outbreak

The Yankees recently got hit with a little COVID outbreak. Multiple players, including Aaron Judge, Jonathan Loaisiga, and Gio Urshela, have been put on the COVID list.

This has caused the Yankees to bring up a plethora of payers from their minor league farm system. Yankees fans were rightfully bugging out because they need to perform exceptionally well to keep themselves in playoff contention.


Enter Greg

One of the players that the Yankees were “forced” to bring up is none other than Greg fucking Allen.

First off, he has probably one of the most generic names ever. I mean…Greg….Allen. Which makes it that much better. The fans are gonna be chanting: “Greg!” “Greg!” “Greg!”

This is Allen’s 5th season in the MLB, where he has spent most of his time playing for the Indians. He got most of his playing time in the majors during the 2018 and 2019 seasons, where he batted .257 and .229 respectively.

Allen was traded to the Padres in 2020 and signed with the Yankees in 2021. Basically, he has been stuck in the minors since 2019.

Now, with all the injuries and COVID cases that the Yankees are dealing with, Allen has once again been given a chance to prove himself for a major league team.


What He Brings

First of all, and most importantly, Allen is a switch hitter. The Yankees are in dire need of a lefty, and Allen can bring that whenever it is needed. Considering the Yankees play in a ballpark with a short porch in right field, it’s very important to have lefty batters in the lineup.

Secondly, this guy is fast as lightning. He is awesome to watch running the bases. He can get extra bases on hits, steal bases, and tag up on anything in the outfield.

The Yankees are currently last in stolen bases per game in the MLB. Allen has already stolen 2 bases in 4 games.


Lastly, he is a contact hitter who puts up great at-bats. Another thing the Yankees need badly is a batter that doesn’t just homer or strikeout. They need a guy who gets base hits and on base. He currently boasts a .500 BA, .583 OBP, and a 2.25 OPS in his 4 games with the team. 2.25 OPS! WILD


Will it last?

The real question here is will Greg Allen actually be a part of the Yankees future. The answer is up in the air. He has only played in a few games, plus Boone still has a giant hard-on for Brett Gardner. In my opinion, there is no reason he should be sent to the minors. He has been nothing but consistent and has earned his spot on this roster.


-Tom D (@ThomasDiRusso on Twitter)

Feat. image courtesy of @Greg_Allen315 on Instagram

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