Go Watch “Tom vs Time” on Facebook Right Now Because It Showed Me That Tom Brady Is In Fact A Human

I just got through watching “Tom vs Time” part one, and if I took anything away from that legal SFW type of porn it’s that Tom Brady is in fact a human being with actual emotions.

We never get to see that side of TB12. Ever.

Tom has been in the forefront of the Patriots organization and therefore, the main focal point of the Boston media realistically since the 2000 season. Back then it seemed like Bill Belichick wasn’t as stern as he is now and has been for years about speaking with the media in a certain fashion. Me being only 23 years old, of course I’ve barely seen this side of Brady.

The guy has been a robot for as long as I can remember. I listen to him every week on Kirk & Callahan and for the most part, he’s silent. He’ll answer the questions in the most Patriots fashion possible. Short, quick and not giving anything away. The only time it seems like he opens up, especially on Kirk & Callahan, is when they mention his special diet and workout regimen.

Here we’re actually seeing emotion and my God do I LOVE it. I needed this. What a move by Facebook and Tom to drop part one this week. Insanely smart move. This is the week between the hectic week leading up to the Super Bowl where we’re looking for things to talk about. We’ll talk about absolutely anything.  Brady comes in guns blazing and drops straight up porn right in front of our faces.

Get me a new pair of pants. What a watch part one was.

If you spent your lunch break doing anything else today you are absolutely wrong. Go home now because you screwed up your entire day.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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