Glen “Big Baby” Davis Arrested For Body Slamming A Guy After Almost Hitting Him With His Car

TMZ broke the news that former member of the Boston Celtics, Glen “Big Baby” Davis, was arrested for “felony assault with intent to cause great bodily injury”.

Big Baby almost hit his victim with his car and when the victim confronted him, the 32-year old went full force WWE on the normal sized man, lifted him and slammed him onto the concrete injuring the man severely, placing him in the hospital.

The victim was in the hospital with facial fractures, a broken tooth, and broken ribs.

My God. This guy has been all over the news over the past few months and Big Baby just can’t be stopped. Davis was released on $50K bail after turning himself in on Friday. This alleged incident happened in April.

Remember when Big Baby was just doing his thing in the NBA? Now he’s getting arrested in West Hollywood for tossing human beings into the concrete and remember, back in March, he was arrested with 126 grams of weed and $92K in cash.

Big Baby is a monster wreaking havoc on us civilians. I’m not saying I want this guy thrown in jail. He’s too good for content. What I do need though is for somebody to sign him to at least a G-League contract. He’s like those kids in school whose moms want involved in some kind of extracurricular activity just to keep them off of the streets. The guy is legit 32 and his life is a wild ride. Who carries 126 grams of pot at once? And $92K in cash? Where do you stick all of that cash?

Straight up my wallet hurts my ass when I have a quarter in it. 92K in cash is a car seat.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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