Giants Miss A Giant Opportunity

New York, New York. It has been a tough season for New York fans, and last night was even tougher to watch. The New York Giants gave it everything they had against Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. When looking at this game on paper, the Giants stood no chance. If you had came up to me and tell me that the Giants were only going to lose by two points, I’d call you crazy. But, that’s exactly what happened.

Coming into this game, Tom Brady was putting up MVP like stats (except for those interceptions.) The Giants defense has struggled all year, and it looked like Thanksgiving had came early for this Tampa Bay offense. But then, the game was played. Brady and company struggled early on, which caused Brady to have another small sideline meltdown that everyone quickly took notice of.

The Giants on the other hand, they looked better than Tampa. But after the first few drives, Daniel Jones arrived. No, not the good Daniel Jones either. Despite the final score (25-23, Tampa), Jones struggled yet again. Jones went 25-41 256 yards, throwing two touchdowns and two interceptions. Those interceptions were ugly. Each time, Jones really should have just threw the ball away but instead he tried to force it to one of his receivers. Daniel Jones, is not showing that he is the future of the New York Giants. If this play keeps up, he may be finding himself on the bench real soon.

What about Brady? It took until the second half for Tom Brady to wake up. At the half, Brady and the Bucs found themselves down 14-6. Once the 3rd quarter began, Brady looked… better. He ended the game going 28-40, 279 yards and two touchdowns. This game was not the best for Brady, but he got the job done with some help. The defense gave Brady some gifts, and of course the two point conversion that will be talked about for quite some time.

The NFL refs strike again. Daniel Jones drove the Giants down the field late in the 4th quarter and was able to throw an impressive touchdown to Golden Tate to pull within two. The Giants went for two to tie the game and there appeared to be pass interference on the play. The referees talked about it and concluded that there was no PI, and ended the Giants chances of sending the game into overtime. The replay clearly shows that Tampa Bay Defensive Back Antoine Winfield Jr ran and made contact with Giants Running Back Dion Lewis. Once again, the refs ruin another ending to a game. However, despite that, the Giants had this game won, and gave Brady extra chances which he took advantage of. Rule 1 when playing defense against Tom Brady, is that to never give him any extra chances.

With this loss, the Giants can basically say goodbye to their playoff chances. Don’t worry Giants fans, (and my fellow Couch Guy Sports writer Caylee Allard), there is always next season. Yes Giants fans before you ask, I too will be there right with you as well.

-Matt Burnett (@mattthew_jordan on twitter) 

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