Celtics/Raptors Game 5 Tonight

Celtics not playing well

Big game tonight. Game 3 and 4 were not the Celtics best nights. I even said in the beginning of the playoffs that the right Celtics team has to show up. Last game was absolutely the wrong team. They shot TERRIBLE. 7/35 from deep. SEVEN out of THIRTY-FIVE. That is awful. I know I don’t like the stats so I’ll give you a vibe check: Bad Vibes. Jaylen Brown did not have a good night. I love the confidence he showed by continuing to shoot but at some point he needs to look somewhere else. As bad as they were, they we still in it. If he can give up those shots for a better look then they may be right back in the game. It sounds so corny to say something like, “if the Celtics play their style basketball..” but it’s so true. They just need to find their groove and they can take the series. The worst part of losing this game is the fact it comes after Fred VanVleet’s stupid comment.

Raptors confidence growing

I cannot stand FVV and Kyle Lowry. I am going to go crazy watching them. It’s awfully annoying. Everyone complains about Marcus Smart flopping when Lowry is so much worse. Those two are the two kids down the park that you secretly want to destory on the court. Type of kids that call every foul but when they do it, it’s clean. I’m getting mad jus thinking about them. I may go — no I will go as far to say that I hate them more the LeBron James as a Celtics fan. I cannot see this Cs team lose to these dudes. Let’s go Celtics! Play some classic Boston ball and show them they can’t hang around.

-Mike Yebba (@amikewithamic_)

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