Fun Friday: Steelers Edition

Happy fun Friday everyone! Today, a lot of people in New England are upset about Cam Newton re-signing with the Patriots. Patriots fans don’t worry. What I have in store for you today will make you laugh. Today, we’re making fun of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Why are we doing this? This is happening because I wrote about the Steelers and Ravens and chose to make fun of Pittsburgh. For the next few months, I’ll be writing about two teams and then picking one to make fun of. This was a no brainer to make fun of Pittsburgh since it’s always a good time to make fun of the Steelers. Let’s not waste anymore time and let’s get into the fun, shall we?

Old man Ben

Sad Ben Roethlisberger On the Bench Became NFL Fans' New Favorite Meme

What is Pittsburgh doing? Move on from this guy already! He’s old and washed up. Look at what happened when Pittsburgh played good teams after their easy 11-0 start. Yes, Pittsburgh had an easy schedule which is why they went 11-0. Ben and the Steelers fell apart at the end which isn’t shocking at all. Ben and friends really aren’t as relevant as they used to be. Nobody really cares about them anymore. Plus, without going into too much detail, look at his off the field situations he’s been in. He’s gross.

Fans living in the past

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Yeah Steelers fans aren’t that great. That’s me being nice. They really do live in the past. They love to bring up all the old championships since the Steelers aren’t good enough to win one now. The last time Pittsburgh won a Super Bowl was in the 2008-2009 season. It’s been 12 years since the Steelers won a Super Bowl. Steelers fans are quick to say though that they were in the Super Bowl in the 2010-2011 season… but they lost. Plus, this meme says it all. They bring their own tissues to the game and they call them the terrible towels. There’s nothing good about the team, fans or organization… and those towels. That’s why they’re terrible, there’s literally nothing good about them.

Poorly disciplined

Steelers vs Bengals fight and fight after Ben interception/ Steelers vs  Bengals (2020 NFL) - YouTube

Chase Claypool should have just walked away. Instead, he goes after Carl Lawson. No surprise here. The Steelers this past year were easily one of the worst disciplined teams in the NFL. In general, they always seem to be in some kind of scuffle with other teams. Seriously, does the coaching staff just not care? It really seems like it! Claypool even tweeted this out, which turned into a meme the seconf Pittsburgh was hit with reality that they’re not a good team.

The day after Pittsburgh was blown out at home in the playoffs against Cleveland, Claypool was doing an interview on TikTok and said that the Browns were going to get “clapped.” They actually didn’t and almost pulled off the upset agaisnt the Chiefs. Claypool is just one example of the young Steelers team not being disciplined. JuJu Smith-Schuster in general has character problems that the coaching staff just seemed to give up on. The only time he was told not to do something was after the loss to Cincinnati on Monday night Football. JuJu posted a TikTok of him dancing on the logo. Me personally, I didn’t have an issue with it, but players around the NFL did. In general, the Steelers are just an annoyance for not their talent on the field, it’s what they do off the field.

Lev Bell and AB

Le'Veon Bell Twitter rap: 'I'mma need 17'; Bud Dupree claps back |  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Alright this has to be brought up. Yes, AB had his own issues during his time in Pittsburgh. But again, it just seemed like the Steelers coaching staff made no effort to save the relationship between both AB and Lev Bell. The Steelers had a dynamic offense and they themselevs ruined it. They should have paid Lev Bell. Since he left, Pittsburgh hasn’t had an effective running game. Yes, Lev Bell has been quiet on the field since leaving, but again, Pittsburgh should have just paid him. Same with Antonio Brown. Brown just won a Super Bowl, what were the Steelers doing? Watching it. Keep in mind too, Lev Bell was also in the Super Bowl too… just on the losing team.

Final thoughts

Yeah, the Steelers really don’t know how to be successful these days. Back then, yes I’ll give it to them. Fans live in the past though and they need to come to the present. The Steelers are not a good team. With them facing a first place schedule next season, I’m expecting failure and I will laugh at them every time they lose.

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-Matt Burnett (@mattthew_jordan on Twitter) 

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