From The Football Field to The Masked Singer

Last night was a historic night for The Masked Singer. For the first time in show history, nobody (including fans guessing online) was able to correctly identify who the Baby Alien was. Yes, there has been episodes where the judges were incorrect, but, fans online were able to identify the masked celebrity correctly. It’s not often that someone from the NFL competes in this show due to when the show is normally filmed, but this year, fans were in for a surprise.

The Baby Alien was revealed as former quarterback Mark Sanchez. Yes, the former fifth overall pick by the New York Jets made an appearance on the fourth season of The Masked Singer, and quite honestly he can sing. Unfortunately for Sanchez, everyone else in his group was better than him, but that doesn’t take away from how good of a singer he was. He nailed George Michael’s “Faith” for his first performance and last night for his final performance he did a great rendition of “It’s Time”, by Imagine Dragons. When he was revealed, the judges and fans watching at home all had the same shocked expressions on their faces since the clues were leaning towards celebrities like Jeff Dunham and David Schwimmer (two of the most popular guesses online as well.) It’s safe to say that Sanchez’s football career will be more successful than his singing career.

As for his football career, it started off with a rough rookie season with the Jets, then he lead the Jets to two straight AFC Championship game appearances, losing both to Indianapolis and Pittsburgh. After the loss to Pittsburgh, Sanchez began to decline. He never made it back to the AFC Championship game, and on top of that he is known for arguably the worst play in NFL history. Yes, the legendary butt fumble. On Thanksgiving night night against the New England Patriots, Sanchez is scrambling and ran right into the rear end of one of his offensive linemen, fumbled the ball, and New England’s Steve Gregory recovered the ball for a touchdown. Sanchez would leave the Jets after four years, and bounce around the NFL before retiring in 2019. His NFL career didn’t pan out how he wanted it to, but we can all agree the football field was nicer to him than The Masked Singer stage.

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– Matt Burnett (mattthew_jordan) 




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