We need to get Lampard to free talisman Christian Pulisic from the gulag.


Christian, when given a full run of play, has show himself to be a difference maker.

Where has the Cheeky Bloke been?

The lad was hurt before play closed due to the COVID pandemic.

Thus, combining both fitness and pandemic circumstances, he has not been able to flex on the EPL since November.

Well, welcome back to the fold young king!

Frank Lampard said this after the come from behind win for the Blues in their first game back on the pitch.

“We knew that fitness would play a part, so the idea of bringing on Christian and Ross early in the second half was always something that was in my mind.”

Ummmm…yes gaffer. So maybe start him right off???

Club legend or not, the signing was massive so maybe put him out there?

More Reinforcements Coming

Chelsea, finally escaping the transfer ban, is making some investments in new blood during the transfer window.

Timo Werner was signed at €53 million (£47.7m/$59.6m) from RB Leipzig. He should provide some industrious forward play up front.

Chelsea also is out in front in a race to land Kai Havert from Bayer Leverkusen, and looking to grab Ben Chilwell from Leicester City. The former of the two looking to be a more expensive signing than even Timo, with estimates around £70m. 

How Good is Pulisic?

Well, the young American is very good – especially for his age.

Only two years ago, articles were being published with headlines like this:

Is Christian Pulisic of Borussia Dortmund the best teenage footballer in the world?

While he was not that, he is still very good at the ripe old age of 21.

However, he already is one of the best wins in the Premier League. If he had qualified for enough minutes (he did not fall shy by much) he would have finished 10th in npxG+xA per 90 minutes. That is, 10th in non-penalty (so, during regular play) expected goals plus expected assists per 90 minutes of play (tied with Roberto Firmino). This is well above such payers as Jamie Vardy and Marcus Rashford.

This, despite lack of consistent playtime and wrestling with injuries throughout the 19-20 PL season.

What to Expect Moving Forward?

Well, for one, Christian has more than earned the right to get regular playing time.

He has also earned the right to start, but who knows if Lampard will use him as such. He may start Loftus-Cheek, who hadn’t played in a year, again over our man.

I would say we should expect Pulisic on the field almost every game, the talent is too impossible top deny.

As a long distance member of the Stamford Bridge faithful and Pulisic, I’d love for the marriage to continue to flourish as we push for a Champions League spot.

With the new talent coming in as well, Chelsea may even can push Man City and Liverpool as they come back down to earth in a year or two.

-Brent Buckley (@bigbucksbuckley on twitter)

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