Free Agency is FRUSTRATING as a Pats fan

Why do we even bother caring about what happens in Free Agency in New England?

Nothing ever happens here. It’s just the “sit back and believe in Bill” method. But should we trust him anymore? After all of the drama that’s buzzed around since last season? Who in their right mind just sits back and lets all of the top talent in the league get scooped up without caring? Not to mention watching your teams top talent get taken right out from under your nose. But he’s made it work so far.

free agency bill belichick new england patriots nfl draft
Who in their right mind just sits back and lets all of the top talent in the league get scooped up without caring? Bill During Free Agency is a sitting duck

I’ll start with our players.

Malcolm Butler, just about everyone saw him leaving from a mile away. And good for him for getting that contract. Dion Lewis, yeah he had a great season, but I think we can live without him. The Pats offense has been the plug and play any running back for years, and its successful. They re-signed Burkhead, James White is still around, and who knows who else they can turn into a talent. Amendola was painful, but the Pats weren’t gonna give him 6 million a year. especially at 33 years old. We appreciate everything you did Danny Playoffs, but the time has come, and at least he can keep his shirt off in the Miami sun. The one that bothers me is Nate Solder.

nate solder new england patriots football nfl free agency new york giants
Nate Solder Goes To Giants in Free Agency Frenzy
Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

They really felt that it was more important to sure up the special teams coverage teams instead of the Left Tackle?

Now I believe in Scarnecchia, but I don’t believe in Marcus Cannon. Tom Brady’s 41, are you really planning on putting TB12 fitness to the test and see if he can last the whole season taking 20 hits to the mouth a game? Bold strategy, Bill. Now just about every name they have been linked too has gotten scooped up. Jordy Nelson? Great Patriots fit and wanted to play here? Let the Raiders have him. Gronk threatening retirement? Cut Martellus and sign nobody. Richard Sherman and Aqib Talib? Let’s see what Eric Rowe can do as a starter.

rob gronkowski new england patriots free agency retirement
Gronk has hinted at ditching The Patriots and Free Agency all together and instead may hang up his cleats.
(Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)

The trade to add Jason McCourty might sure up the secondary, but the question will be if he plays corner, or joins his twin brother as a safety.

Trent Murphy? Pass rush was only the weakest point for the Pats, so why add any talent or depth there. Just let it be weak I guess. They do this year after year, so shouldn’t I be used to it? You would think so, but all of these talented players are getting signed so fast it just makes it more painful.

-Jake Kobierski (@TheRealKobe83)

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