For the Bruins, a David Krejci return really seems unlikely

Former Bruins center David Krejci departed from the both the team and NHL this past summer. Krejci returned home to the Czech Republic and is currently playing in the Czech Extraliga. However, many of the black and gold faithfuls have held out hope for a return of the 35-year-old center. After December 15th came and went, it now seems like even more of a pipe dream.

Krejci’s Situation and the Bruins

Krejci’s current team, HC Olomouc, is in a position to clinch a playoff berth. How far they will go remains to be seen. The Czech Extraliga playoffs begin in mid-March and end roughly around the same time as the NHL regular season does in mid-April. This leaves a glimmer of hope for Bruins fans as Krejci could join the team after his current team finishes out their season.

After this past Wednesday came and went however, this scenario seems highly unlikely. The current Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) allows the signing of any Major European player and they will not require waivers if the signing occurs before December 15th. If a player is signed after this date, they can sign with a team of their choosing, but could be claimed by another team via waivers.

Krejci could still sign with the Bruins

Yes, David Krejci could still sign with the Bruins once the HC Olomoucs’ season concludes. The likelihood of him going unclaimed in waivers to the Bruins, however, is doubtful. A team could claim him and if he elects not to report they don’t lose anything out of it. This also opens the avenue for forcing the Bruins to trade for him. It’s too bad, as the Bruins have really missed Krejci this season.

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