Foot Locker’s Newest Comercial is Gold

Get roasted, LaVar. Foot Locker always seem to come up with really great commercial ideas. This one in particular features a couple of the top prospects in the NBA Draft like Jonathan Isaac, De’Aaron Fox, Jayson Tatum, and of course, Lonzo Ball. I die laughing every time I watch.

Not only do I love that Foot Locker decided to do this, but I love that Lonzo even agreed to it. To me, it means that his head might not be as stuck in the gutter as we all thought it was when it comes to his father. I only can think of one thing after watching it though, and that’s: what did LaVar think of it? I’m curious if they went to him beforehand as well to make sure he was okay with it.

Lonzo had a workout with the Lakers recently, and a lot of reports said that it did not go as well as they had hoped it would. He appeared out of shape, and they just weren’t really blown away by him. A second workout might be scheduled, so maybe he can redeem himself, but should he? If I were him, I’d be tanking those Lakers workouts and trying to slip just enough so I could get as far away from LaVar as possible. The best thing for Lonzo would be to have the option to do things on his own, and not have his father call the shots. Hopefully, he’s starting to realize that.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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