Florida Panthers Saved By Controversial No Goal

Two nights ago the Florida Panthers were playing against the Nashville Predators with their postseason lives on the line. The Panthers had a 2-1 lead with under a minute left, in a game that they needed to win. The Predators amazingly tied the game at 2-2 with 0.6 seconds left in the game, at least that’s what everybody thought.

Viktor Arvidsson was out in front of goalie Roberto Luongo, and as he tried to shove in a rebound he made contact with Luongo, while Forsberg swooped in and buried the rebound. On the ice it was called a goal, but the replay officials ruled that it was goalie interference.

Very recently the NHL adjusted the process for Goaltender interference calls, all final calls have to be made in the NHL Situation Room in Toronto, instead of the on ice officials. This has caused controversy because some people, myself included, believed that the on ice officials should be the one to have the final say no matter what. It only makes sense to have the on ice officials that have literally made the calls so far in the game to be the ones to have a final say on a call that could decide a game.

The fact that they think that is not a goal, means that every time an NHL player goes to the net they should just rule that it’s goaltender interference. It’s a normal hockey play and literally happens every game hundreds of times. This no goal saved the Florida Panthers season, and they should be thanking the guys in the Situation Room, because without them they might have been eliminated from the playoffs.

-John O’Connell
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