Florida Gonna Florida- You Will Not Take This Woman’s Civil Liberties Away!! USA! USA! USA!

Buddy, you hate to admit it but the woman makes some really valid points here. Is she a terrorist?  The red white and blue outfit would suggest not my friend! Is she part of ANTIFA?  I don’t know what they look like so I guess that means she isn’t I’m pretty sure.  I pray to God that she isn’t a sex worker! Thanks to her oversharing we know she is in fact not into masochism and bondage! Have you ever seen her burglarize an establishment? Nope! So try and argue with her, you can’t. Give her back her damn freedoms!

This woman is laugh out loud funny.  Calling all the politicians out right to their goofy Florida faces. I legitimately almost cried when she rang the bell. I appreciate somebody who brings props.  The poster board, the bell, the sign.  Works of art. And let’s not just breeze past her beautiful rendition of God Bless America.  Somebody get this queen on The Voice stat!  Credit to me for not saying The Masked Singer.  That was low hanging fruit.

At this point I really think Florida is just trolling the rest of America.  This is like an episode of Its Always Sunny.  This woman is basically Frank Reynolds.  It has become a breeding ground of twitter videos for us to laugh at.  I love the internet so much.

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-Jon Sensi (@jon_sensi)

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