Five Spots Le’Veon Bell Could Go To

Le’Veon Bell has been released by the New York Jets, and now everyone is wondering what is next for Bell. Well I have an idea on five teams that Bell could go to. Teams need running backs, and he is still a very good one even though it didn’t work out with the Jets. Bell was used wrong, and the Jets have themselves to blame for this not working. With that being said here are the five teams that I think Le’Veon Bell could go to.


Los Angeles Chargers 

Now I know what you are all thinking, but the truth is the Chargers offense could really benefit from having Bell in it. Ekeler is a good back, but he is currently hurt and the Chargers options aren’t the greatest. Do you take a one year deal to try and make a rumbling for a potential playoff spot? I think you take a shot on it and if it works you work towards a long term deal. If it doesn’t work then you know that Ekeler is your guy moving forward. Thinking of a talented receiving back out of the back field, that can also help you set up your play action game is a must have for the Chargers. Look for Los Angeles to try and make this move to help take some pressure off of rookie quarter back Justin Herbert.


Arizona Cardinals

Arizona’s offense is heavily relied on Kyler Murray’s production. You need to have a running game to help take of that pressure off of him, and Bell is the type of running back that could do that. I love this fit for both sides here. Having a running game can finally take this Cardinals team to another level. We were waiting for Kenyan Drake to take that big step this season and he really hasn’t for the Cardinals.

When they play Edmonds the running game is more effective. Drake only has 314 rushing yards in five games and averages 3.7 yards a carry. Le’Veon Bell could step right in and take over the workload and help push this Cardinals team in the right direction. Watch out for this to be a potential move for them to help take pressure off of Murray.


Los Angeles Rams

The Rams have a solid duo at running back right now in Malcolm Brown and Darrell Henderson at the moment. Rookie Cam Akers hasn’t gotten his foot in the door yet, but the Rams are in a fight to get into the playoffs at this very moment and a guy like Bell might be an option to help the offense. This offense is very good when Goff can run the play action, and Bell can easily step in and fix that for them. Henderson is solid, but Bell is a better option in my opinion. To get a receiver out of the back field can help bring the Rams to where they were back a couple seasons ago when they lost in the Super Bowl. This should be Bell’s like number two option as I will go over 1A and 1B right now.


New York Giants

This should be Bell’s 1B option in my opinion and here is why. You go to a Giants team that desperately needs help, and sign a one year deal. Then you ball out and go buck wild which I think he would. Then next thing you know you are at the end of the season, and with how bad the NFC East is you have a chance at balling out. You ball out and then enter free agency with a chance to secure another bag.

New York is still only two games out of the lead for the NFC East which has a plethora of injuries in it. The teams in the NFC East aren’t good, but Bell could easily sign with the Giants. I really can see Bell stat pad his way to a huge contract with a team that desperately needs a running back such as the Giants. This is the plan B for Bell in my opinion and here is the Plan A.


Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills are my Plan A option for Le’Veon Bell. Buffalo should currently be on the phone with Bell and his agent right now as we speak. Devin Singletary has not looked like the number one option that the Bills thought he would be. Josh Allen would be even more dangerous if he had a running back that he could drop a screen to with some confidence, and Bell is that type of guy.

This addition would make the Buffalo Bills this much more of a threat in the AFC. After their rough outing against Tennessee in which they only rushed for 95 total yards this should be at the top of their acquisitions to help take this team to the next level. Giving Allen a guy to help take the pressure off is just what they need. Adding Bell will stop making Allen force feed Diggs, and it could help open the field up for Diggs as well. If I am Buffalo and Le’Veon this is the best option for both sides to be successful. Stay tuned to see where Bell goes.


-Chris Jones (@cjoneswho1212)

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