Five Fantasy Football Wide Receivers To Avoid Drafting

Fantasy football drafts are right around the corner and it time to start preparing yourselves. Today we got a good one for you as I am going to be talking about wide receivers to avoid in your fantasy football draft. I think these five receivers that I have listed here are names that you are going to want to take off your draft board immediately. There are some talent at wide receiver, but I think these names are ones to avoid. With that being said here are my five wide receivers to avoid in your draft this season.


Wide Receiver To Avoid

5.) Brandin Cooks (Houston Texans)

Coming in at number five is Houston Texans wide receiver Brandin Cooks. Last season it looked like Brandin Cooks was healthy and that we were going to see him continue this stretch of impressing numbers moving forward. Unfortunately, the Texans offense looks like it is going to struggle this season. They are starting Tyrod Taylor for the entire season from what it seems.

If that is the case there is no way that Cooks comes close to the 1,000 yard receiving mark. I don’t trust Houston’s offense and I do not trust Cooks this season to be a solid fantasy contributor. Look to avoid Cooks at all cost this season.


4.) Will Fuller (Miami Dolphins)

If you think you are a genius by snatching Will Fuller to be your flex for every week after week one when his suspension will be over. I got news for you, that will be the worst move you could ever make. Fuller is missing time in camp right now due to a foot injury. So he hasn’t been able to get that connection going with any quarterback for the Dolphins right now. I think Fuller is a big time bust in 2021, and you should stay far far away from him. Avoid Will Fuller at all cost.


3.) Hollywood Brown (Baltimore Ravens)

Hollywood’s current ADP is 109.4 which is wild to me. If he doesn’t hit the 7 touchdown total mark his numbers would be much worse fantasy wise. I think Brown is about to see some of his workload taken from him. Rashod Bateman is going to take some targets and touches away from Hollywood Brown. We could start to see a decrease in Brown’s time on the field as well. Look to avoid drafting Brown as someone who has for the last two seasons I advise you to stay away.


2.) Kenny Golladay (New York Giants) 

The New York Giants offense as a whole has a lot of questions that needs to be answered. They will be answered this season, but I think we sip a dip in Golladay’s numbers this season. We saw what Golladay could do when he had a quarterback like Matthew Stafford throwing him the football, this year he has Daniel Jones who has struggled in his time as the Giants starter.

Golladay’s ADP is 59.9 which people would think is ideal spot to get him in their league’s. I think he is going to struggle with Daniel Jones throwing him the football. Golladay’s numbers take a big hit, and I would stay away from him as their are so many better receivers that are on the board at that time.


1.) Calvin Ridley (Atlanta Falcons)

We saw the uptick in Ridley’s numbers last year with Julio Jones out, but this year it will be a different story. Ridley’s ADP is 21 which puts him as a third round pick in ten man leagues, and a second round selection in twelve man leagues. I think that is way too high and I think Ridley will be the let down of the season for receivers.

Look Matt Ryan has been one of the better passers in the league since he entered way back in 2008. The time might be coming where we see Ryan start to slow down a little and that’ll effect Ridley. One other thing is Ridley is going to get the best cornerbacks on him every snap. When that happens I think his numbers take a big dip and it will effect where he should have gotten drafted. Stay away from Ridley as there are much better wide receivers that I would want in that spot.


-Chris Jones (@cjoneswho1212)

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