Fidget Spinners Are Taking Over The World

Yes you read that title correctly, fidget spinners are taking over the world and they need to be stopped. So I do not know if anyone out there has not heard of this new craze lately, but these spinners are getting out of hand.  I personally do not see the idea behind the fidget spinner. Does it really help someone with ADD, ADHD, or types of autism? I also thought that these were just being used in America, but nope! These spinners are being used EVERYWHERE. Since I had so many questions about this new craze, I decided to do a little research about these spinners. And your welcome fidget spinners, because you are getting TONS of free advertising from this post.

Fidget spinners were originally created to help people who have trouble focusing and fidgeting. People with ADD, Autism, and Anxiety have problems such as that. The spinner is suppose to act as a release mechanism for nervous energy or stress. Although some science experts have found the spinners to be helpful for people, other experts have claimed that the spinners are actually more distracting. Spinners were actually invented in the 1900’s but have now just become part of our culture in 2017. Also if you are looking to buy a fidget spinner, then you may want to know how much they cost first. I saw the prices of some as low as $0.72, but if you really want to amaze all your friends then dish up to $600 for ONE fidget spinner.

it is so easy to make fun of these spinners, but some people with autism actually need them to focus! So I actually feel really bad for the people who have been using these spinners for years and now others are just using them as jokes. I have to admit though that some of the memes and videos making fun of fidget spinners are absolutely hilarious. SNL did a skit about this toy and I could not stop laughing. 

I was  driving to my friends house the other day and I saw a person in a pop up tent selling fidget spinners on the side of the road! I was just amazed that these things are getting so popular. I was even scrolling through the new free apps on the App Store and they had a fidget spinner game for your Iphone! To me this entire craze is getting out of control, but it is pretty funny. I mean what a genius idea for whoever created these things. They are now making millions of dollars for such a simple little toy. 

Some schools are even going to the extent to ban the spinners in classrooms. That brings up my point early wanting to know if these things are distracting. A school in Great Manchester England banned the spinners from its school and even sent a text message out to all the parents saying “ “Any fidget spinners seen in school will be confiscated. “Thank you for your support in this matter.” That is just one example I found very quickly on the internet. If you type in “Schools that have banned fidget spinners” , you will see more examples of them being banned.

Maybe it is a good thing that these schools are banning this toy. I mean if you do not really need it for any type of disorder or illness, then it is most likely a distraction to a student and the other students around the one that is using it. For example, I was sitting in class about a month ago and some guy was using two spinners at a time! I honestly could not take my eyes off the things because they were so distracting!

Alright so I am now done ranting about these fidget spinners and many of you after this article might even go buy one for yourself! I now want to hear your take on this new sensation. Comment, share, and like this article. Really let me know if you have one of these things or if you think it is just the dumbest toy.

Written By: Connor Strayer @Big_C19

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  • May 30, 2017 at 12:30 am

    Is this really true cuz I do not believe it


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