FBB Points Leagues Strategy: Scheduling Streamer Starters

If you follow any of my fantasy baseball analysis than you already know that I prefer to play in H2H points leagues.  A very important strategic approach in points leagues is streaming starting pitchers.  I have been playing fantasy baseball for a very very long time.  And I have played in H2H point formats for over a decade.  I will be the first to admit streaming pitchers is a fickle beast.  It can bring massive gains but also deliver heart breaking losses.

What is it?

Over the years, there is a particular method I have used to mitigate the risk of streaming.  That tactic is something I like to call starter scheduling.  It’s fairly obvious what this entails given the very on the nose title.  Even though it is not a mystery as to what it is, I still believe it is a smart and useful strategy.

When streaming starting pitchers the natural inclination is to grab the guys who will take the mound first.  If you’re streaming you want to cram as many starts as you possibly can. Unless you’re in a league that limits games started, shoutout to the lads in the CGS points league.  Scheduling lends resistance to the notion that you are swinging your fists in the dark.  I find this to be useful because digging yourself out of a huge negative that a pitcher put you in can be insurmountable.  I have been a victim to regrettable streaming decisions many a times.

How to execute?

In practice, starter scheduling is very easy to do.  It takes having 2 open spots to stream.  If you only have 1 streaming spot available than you should just grab the pitcher that you like best.  Whether that comes down to the pitcher himself or the matchup or both.  Two streaming spots gives you flexibility to roll through the weekly matchup.  You’re going to want to have the flexibility to maximize this maneuver.

Let’s break it down.  You’re looking at your roster at the beginning of your matchup. This week you are paired against a monster of a squad.  You need all the points you can accrue.  First you have to look at who the available starting pitcher are.  Add your favorites to your watch list.  It doesn’t matter how you evaluate the pitchers.  Sometimes guys with okay stuff have a fantastic matchup or sometimes there is a good hurler being overlooked.  Trust your research.  After you compile a list of your highest graded available streamers, check their schedules.

Here is where having the 2 spots comes into play.  Use one spot to add your highest graded pitcher.  Ideally his next outing is within the next 2-3 days.  With your second streaming spot grab the highest rated pitcher in free agency that goes the day you’re adding him or the next day.  Sometimes I like to play it ultra-safe with that second addition.  This move accomplishes two things.  It blocks your opponent from adding a good starter and ideally builds your score in the short term.  If you can pull this off early in the week than you can attack with another cycle of effective streaming.

I hope it helps

If you play in H2H daily points leagues, give this a try.  Let me know if it works out for you.  Full disclaimer it is not bullet proof.  Predicting the future is never a lock.  Then again if you crush it than you’re welcome.

 – Matt Desrosiers (@MattyKiwoom on Twitter)

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