Farrell Is Gone…So What’s Next?

John Farrell is finally gone…but now what?

Anyone who knows me or has heard me on any outlet knows I’m one of the leaders of the fire Farrell movement. Well the Red Sox finally made that happen and the movement is now a thing of the past. What do I hope for now?


Obviously you need to find a manager. This is worth a whole other article but my vote is old friend Alex Cora. After that, he would need to help fix those problems.

There’s no secret why his team couldn’t get through the Astros AND have to watch the Yankees play in the ALCS. Side note, I love that. Make this team panic a bit and see the Yanks are back. Maybe they’ll fix some things.

Simply put, they didn’t have that power bat to fill the order, a clubhouse leader, and they didn’t trust their bullpen (which I don’t really understand why!).

Let’s start bullpen. They had one of the best in the game and when it came down to it, the team didn’t trust Addison Reed in crunch time. Even though, they traded for him to be THAT GUY….IDIOTS. The bullpen should be fine next season and you have Thornburg coming back as off injury as well.

Next, that big swinging bat. They need Giancarlo Stanton. He’s going to be the name that keeps coming up, and for good reason. He’s currently under contract with the Marlins, but they are rebuilding and seem to be looking to cut his salary after the Jeter group bought the team. Stanton, who has been with the team for seven seasons, also came out and said he doesn’t want to be around for another rebuild. He wants to win.

Davey, go get this guy! Imagine three through six in the Sox lineup being Betts, Stanton, Hanley and Devers. STACKED. Adding big swinging Stanton protects everyone else in the lineup and provides someone who NOBODY wants to pitch to. You lost that when Ortiz took his crippled feet to retirement.

Finally, the clubhouse leader. This is maybe this biggest thing missing. Firing manager John was a great first step. Someone had to take the fall for another terrible postseason appearance and what happened with the Price situation involving Eck. This guy lost control. However, no one (again you missed Ortiz here) was there to take control of the players when the manager couldn’t. Worst of all, David Price is so liked in the clubhouse they took on his personality. We all know how well that works out.

I know Eric Hosmer’s name has been thrown around here. Coming from Kansas City he’s looking for a new home. He helped morph the Royals’ clubhouse to get a small market team a World Series title. I personally would love it.

Whatever this team does, these issues NEED to be fixed. They have a problem with the culture of this team. Something needs to give. It’s just about damn time they fired Farrell.

Written by: Jared Scali (@Jared_Scali)

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