Fantasy Football Draft: Come Mock with Me v1.0


Fantasy football season is upon us and most of you have already started prepping for your drafts. Checking preseason box scores, reading training camp quotes, following fantasy football experts, seeking out the FFB MarketWatch every week just may not be enough. You may be saying to yourself “self…I need more resources!” Well, allow me to introduce a new Couch Guy Sports series… “Fantasy Football Draft: Come Mock with Me v1.0.” This will chronicle actual mocks I have done and how the 1st 10 rounds panned out. Where was I selecting? Who was available when I picked? And why I ultimately decided to take that player will all be expressed. Sit back, relax and please…come mock with me.

I decided to enter an “Expert” 12 PPR mock draft. The starting roster was your very common standard construction. One quarterback, 2 running backs, 2 wide receivers, 1 tight end and 1 flex. As the draft started, I was awarded the 9th overall pick, so immediately I started game planning for the 1, 2 turn. I hope you can take something way from Fantasy Football Draft: Come Mock with Me v1.0. Let’s dive into the first 10 rounds of this mock.


My top 3 options:
1. RB Jonathan Taylor (IND)
2. WR Davante Adams (GB)
3. WR Stefon Diggs (BUF)

My selection:

WR Stefon Diggs (BUF)

All 3 are good enough to build a team around. The true decision came down to the WR. In the end Stefon Diggs is my guy. Led the league in rec, rec yards and targets in 2020 and his connection with Josh Allen is enough to propel him to be the WR 1 this year.


My top 3 options:
1. RB Jonathan Taylor (IND)
2. RB Antonio Gibson (WSH)
3. RB Najee Harris (PIT)

My selection:

RB Antonio Gibson (WSH)

Jonathan Taylor fell to the 2nd round so I was obviously tempted to take the 2nd year back. I personally love all 3 of these guys and would like to roster any of them. The ultimate choice came down to Gibson over Taylor for having a shallower backfield in terms of competition and a year in the NFL over Harris. The news of him taking hurry up snaps away from JD McKissic was too much to pass on. Running back made the most sense here. Couldn’t go wrong, right? I don’t know, I’m willing to admit I could very much regret this choice.  Check out the CGS RB rankings.


My top 3 options:
1. WR Ceedee Lamb (DAL)
2. WR Amari Cooper (DAL)
3. RB Josh Jacobs (LV)

My selection:

WR Ceedee Lamb (DAL)

Love the potentially high-powered Dallas Cowboys offense. The choice came down to either Lamb or Cooper. Really wanted to have a high end WR 2 on my roster. Decided to take the high ceiling over the high floor. Ceedee Lamb has the talent to be a top WR in fantasy and pairing him with Stefon Diggs gave me the warm and fuzzies.


My top 3 options:
1. WR Diontae Johnson (PIT)
2. RB Chase Edmonds (ARI)
3. WR DJ Moore (CAR)

My selection:

WR DJ Moore (CAR)

Locked up my dragons (high end WR). DJ Moore in round 4 is a primary draft target of mine overall. No matter what my initial team build is. Moore has tremendous upside and if new QB Sam Darnold performs the entire offense may cook. Don’t mind either player as a plan B. If Diontae slides in your draft, he could be the best value in the early rounds in my opinion. For the record, James Connor is not scaring me away from drafting Chase Edmons and his 4.5 speed. Check out the CGS WR rankings.


My top 3 options:
1. QB Patrick Mahomes (KC)
2. RB Javonte Williams (DEN)
3. WR JuJu Smith-Schuster (PIT)

My selection:

QB Patrick Mahomes (KC)

I will completely honest I have been waiting for Lamar Jackson or even Kyler Murray in round 6. That has been my plan A but staring at Mahomes with the idea of taking a signal caller soon was just too juicy to pass on. Speaking of passing, Mahomes will chuck a ton of beautiful ones.  Check out the CGS QB rankings.


My top 3 options:
1. TE TJ Hockenson (DET)
2. RB Kareem Hunt (CLE)
3. RB Damien Harris (NE)

My selection:

RB Damien Harris (NE)

I have no issue admitting that this was a complete reach. But the idea of losing out on Harris because I am facing a long wait hurts my team build. After rushing for 700 yards in 2020, I think Damien is poised to be the bell cow for the New England Patriots. There are other options on the roster, but it seems like the Pats are going to be a run heavy offense and Harris should be their RB 1. So I don’t mind Harris as my RB 2. This is why you tune into Fantasy Football Draft: Come Mock with Me v1.0.


My top 3 options:
1. TE Noah Fant (DEN)
2. TE Logan Thomas (WSH)
3. WR Michael Thomas (NO)

My selection:

TE Noah Fant (DEN)

Noah Fant is a primary target of mine in rounds 7, 8, or 9 if I didn’t grab Travis Kelce early. He has a real chance to be a top 5 TE and watching him average 6 receptions in each of the last 3 games last year further proved that to me. I am also a Drew Locker truther this season and if he cooks than Fant will certainly eat.


My top 3 options:
1. WR DeVonta Smith (PHI)
2. WR Hollywood Brown (BAL)
3. WR Jaylen Waddle (MIA)

My selection:

WR Hollywood Brown (BAL)

I’m betting that this is Brown’s true breakout season. He has such a high ceiling playing with Lamar Jackson. The offense has brought in other wide outs (Rashod Bateman & Sammy Watkins) and I think that helps spring Hollywood to the next level. The hamstring issue is certainly worrisome and if it doesn’t clear up, than he will plummet on my big board and could no longer be my target in this range. Also Diggs and Lamb have a Week 7 Bye, so grabbing a solid WR 4 is very important to this team build.


My top 3 options:
1. WR Jalen Reagor (PHI)
2. WR DeVante Parker (MIA)
3. RB Ronald Jones II (TB)

My selection:

RB Ronald Jones II (TB)

Absolutely willing to reach on a back with this pick. The RB dead zone is in full effect, but I need to grab an RB 3 and Jones fits the bill for me. I will admit I leaned Fournette over Jones in 2020 and I was dead wrong. Jones produced last year, and I don’t see why he won’t again. Sure he will have some dud games, but I am okay with a 1,000 all-purpose yard performer here in round 9.


My top 3 options:
1. WR Jalen Reagor (PHI)
2. WR DeVante Parker (MIA)
3. RB Jamaal Williams (DET)

My selection:

WR Jalen Reagor (PHI)

Big fan of the Eagles offense this season and I absolutely love what I am seeing from the former 1st round draft selection. With no concrete “need” here with my 10th pick, I decided to go with a player that could blow past his current ADP. If he blossoms in 2021 than I will have WR depth that you dream about and could even use the surplus to upgrade my RB stable.

Final roster after 10 picks

QB Pat Mahomes
RB Antonio Gibson
RB Damien Harris
WR Stefon Diggs
WR Ceedee Lamb
TE Noah Fant
Flex DJ Moore


Hollywood Brown
Ronald Jones II
Jalen Reagor

There you have it.  Fantasy Football Draft: Come Mock with Me v1.0 is in the books. I hope this helps break some ties in your game planning or even give you an outline to dominate your draft. How do you think this went? Find me on twitter (@MattyKiwoom) and let me know. Tell me what picks you liked, what picks pissed you off, or even some pivots you may have taken.

-Matty Kiwoom

Twitter: @MattyKiwoom

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