Fantasy Baseball Hot Take Alert: Draft Bobby Dalbec over Joey Gallo

It is that time of the year, Fantasy Baseball owners are looking for the competitive edge over other owners. There is nothing more exciting than getting together with the fella’s in your fantasy league, drinking some beers and drafting the next great dynasty. 

Sometimes, in order to do that, you need to make some bold moves and trust your gut. Even in Fantasy Baseball, owners will make some bold statements in the way they draft. 

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The brand new podcast joins the Couch Guy Sports series of podcasts and the content is simmering hot. How hot? The guys dropped a massive Fantasy Baseball hot take.

Owners should draft Red Sox first baseman Bobby Dalbec over Rangers slugger Joey Gallo.

The Case for Bobby Dalbec

Dalbec has been a beast this spring and he already has three home runs. He is making a case for himself to be inserted in the everyday Red Sox lineup. The Red Sox young slugger has been swinging a hot stick since he was called up last August.

There was no way to predict that Dalbec would smack eight home runs in 23 games last season. Based off last season and what fans have seen this spring, it’s safe to say Dalbec will mash. 

When players bring power skill set to their game, they also bring the strikeout. Despite the eight home runs, he had a 42.4% strikeout rate which will not translate to the big league level.

Bobby Dalbec / Instagram

Dalbec has lived up to his 70-grade power bat, he is going to hit a ton of home runs this season. If he continues to swing this hot bat and sending a million balls to the moon, he will be the Red Sox starting first baseman. 

The 25-year-old, will be featured in a better lineup than Gallo. Dalbec will be hitting behind J.D. Martinez, Rafael Devers and Xander Bogaerts. He will see good pitches in at-bats and until he consistently hits for better average him remaining in the bottom of the order could benefit him.

Boston traded Mitch Moreland in August to make room for Dalbec and his power potential. Dalbec recorded a 152 wRC+ last season, which had he qualified would have been ahead of Bryce Harper, Fernando Tatis and Mookie Betts. He will be the Red Sox everyday first base man in 2021 and is reportedly in the best shape of his life. 

The Case for Joey Gallo

Gallo had a miserable year in 2020, but then again who didn’t? During the pandemic shortened season, the 27-year-old slugger hit .181 with 10 home runs and 26 RBI’s. 

This spring he has been hitting the cover off the ball to. The slugger switched to a new bat that distributes weight more evenly throughout the entire surface of the bat. However, the new bat might help his swing but it won’t help with his strikeouts. 

The website FantasyPros.com list Gallo as one of CBS’s most overvalued players. CBS average ADP on Gallo is 110 while FantasyPros list him as 141. So why are they down on Gallo? It’s simple, he has no supporting cast in the lineup to protect his powerful bat. Opposing pitchers will pitch around Gallo which will further impact his strikeout and power numbers. 

Gallo is going to hit the occasional piss missile into the Texas sky this season. If you are a home run whore, Gallo is the player to roster at first. But he is a one-trick pony that will only contribute to the home run category, however he will impact your batting average. 

The power stroke isn’t worth the home runs potential for Gallo. Dalbec will strike out his fair share too but he projects to hit 50 points higher than Gallo. If Gallo is available late, draft him, he’s depth and will deepen your bench. 

The Verdict

The overall consensus on Dalbec is his ADP number will be around 300. Depending on the league you are in will depend on whether you’d take him over Gallo. If you are in a dynasty league, Dalbec > Gallo everyday and twice on Sunday. 

In OBP format league, Dalbec will gain value and will out perform Gallo in that category too. If you are looking to find a young power bat that you can stash on your bench who won’t hurt you when he starts, Dalbec is that player. 

Gallo isn’t a bum, but there are better options to pick ahead of him especially considering he is the only bat in Texas. He was really good in 2019, he broke out and was a star until he got hurt. In that breakout 2019, 63.3% of Gallo’s plate appearances ended in a strikeout (38.4%), walk (17.5%) or home run (7.4%). 

In 2020, he was 4TH in MLB in K% among qualified hitters. Ultimately, Gallo was challenged last season from pitchers and he failed to meet that challenge. Pitchers looked aggressive towards him while he failed to make the adjustments. 

There is some unknown with Dalbec, but the upside is there and he should be selected over Gallo in dynasty leagues.

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– Chris Henrique (@ChrisHenrique on Twitter)

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