Fan Gets Arrested For Throwing Beers at Red Sox During Parade

For the fourth time in 14 years, your Boston Red Sox are World Series Champions.  Holding their rolling rally in Boston on Wednesday, some Red Sox fans got a little out of control.  Watch here as one fan throws a beer can, damaging the World Series trophy:

Several attempts were made to throw beers at likely AL MVP Mookie Betts but were swatted away. “This definitely has got to stop” Betts told the Boston Globe, and he’s right.  After the New England Patriots won Super Bowl 52 in thrilling fashion, tight end Rob Gronkowski was seen catching beers and drinking other alcohols thrown his way during the Patriots rolling rally which most likely gave fans the idea that the Red Sox would be on board.

19-year-old Patrick Connolly of Sandwich was charged with disorderly conduct and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon after hitting Red Sox manager Alex Cora with a beer.  Connolly told police after the arrest that he loves Cora and didn’t mean to hit him.  So what exactly were you trying to do then Patrick?

Take a look in the video below, as expected Alex Cora looks behind him in frustration eventually pointing out who threw the beer.  It is unclear at this time if Connolly was the one who threw the beer that damage the World Series trophy or not.

The tweet may have went too far but point taken.  This sort of stuff makes Boston look bad.  We get it, you’re excited that the Red Sox won as you should be.  But do you really have to revert to elementary behavior like this Red Sox fans?  Hell there was even a 17 year old who was arrested with a gun.  Again, it’s great to be excited, but tone it down Boston.

-Brian Berard (@CouchGuyBrian)

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