Ezekiel Elliot’s Suspension has Been Upheld

Right when I finished writing my blog about the report saying that Ezekiel Elliot is expected to play week one, this happens:

Mort drops a bomb on us, followed by confirmation from Schefty. Ezekiel Elliot’s suspension has been upheld by Harold Henderson, according to their sources.

However, Zeke IS still eligible to play week one, multiple reports have indicated. He would not have to serve his suspension until week two, due to the pending status of a restraining order filed against the NFL by the NFLPA.

Elliot has made it very clear that he is innocent, so what’s next?

The restraining order filed by the NFLPA must be granted for there to be any shot he plays those six games. His camp has made it pretty clear that they plan to fight this out until the very end. So right now, it’s more probable than not that Deflategate Pt. 2 is upon us.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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