Ezekiel Elliot Has Officially Filed an Appeal for his Suspension

As expected, Ezekiel Elliot has officially filed an appeal of his six-game suspension. According to ESPN, his hearing will be held on August 29.

More details surrounding the situation have been revealed since Zeke’s suspension became official last week. Apparently, the girl, Tiffany Thompson, threatened to “ruin his career.” Text messages were also revealed in which Thompson was speaking with a friend and telling them to lie to the police.

The one thing about this case that continues to bother me is the fact that it has been dropped by multiple police agencies, yet the NFL feels the need to continue pursuing this case based on a hunch that the girl might be right. Based on the recent facts that have come out, they aren’t that great at making assumptions.

I get that the league allowed to do whatever they want by the rules of the CBA, but it’s so stupid. Roger Goodell is yet again just trying to make up for all of the blunders he has made in the past, but he continues to screw up. The man is a clown.

Goodell will either be in person at Zeke’s hearing at the end of the month, or someone appointed by him will be there in his place. I bet he doesn’t have the balls to show up.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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