Even On The Bye Week The Patriots Win

It’s absolutely amazing, it seems even when the Patriots are on a bye they still win. Over the years this team has been the most dominating franchise in sports without question. Even though they are so dominate on the field, it still seems like they just catch break after break after break off the field. Now it could just be a product of when you’re the most dominant team in the NFL things are just gonna break your way more than others.

Going into the bye week the patriots were Six and Two, tied atop the AFC. They had their struggles through the first half of the season as we all saw, especially early in the season. So all things considered we should all be pretty happy about where they are, after how much of a struggle it was for them to just get guys lined up the first few weeks of the season. So Six wins in the first Eight games, sign me up.

Lets start with their biggest competition, in my opinion. The Kansas City Chiefs, they were going on the road to play the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys have been dealing with a bunch of issues with their stud running back, due to his ongoing battle with the league about his domestic violence dispute. So he has gone through this super annoying appeal process where he is suspended on Wednesday but then once sunday rolls around he’s back in there. But this week he got another week to play making the Chiefs going on the road to beat the Cowboys even harder. They ended up loosing, now the Patriots move past the Chiefs into a tie with the Steelers atop the AFC. And I’m sorry I just don’t believe in the Steelers in a playoff game in January. The Pats are back atop the AFC and it just feels right.

Then we fast forward to this week. Early in the week the Packers cut former Pat Martellus Bennet, who the Patriots immediately claimed off waivers. Now I understand that he has been apparently playing with a torn rotator cuff, and might not be able to play. But still I love the idea of the Patriots picking up a guy who knows the system and Brady trusts for pennies. This is the exact kind of thing the Patriots do, they wait and wait and things eventually things always come up smelling Patriots.

The Patriots went into the bye week Six and Two, which is nothing to be upset with. But they are just relentless and never satisfied. They caught a break with Zeek being able to play against KC, now they move ahead of the Chiefs in the standings. Now they add a guy who was a key contributor to last seasons Super-Bowl team. The Patriots are one again set up for a long playoff run, everything they need to do is back in their own hands now.

They are coming off a bye, hopefully with a new toy for Tom Brady. The Pats will be back in the Super-Bowl again, and it’s just fun to watch them play chess while the rest of the NFL is playing checkers. See you in Minneapolis.


Written By: Danny Dipietrantonio 





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