ESPN’s Top 20 Dominant Athletes Is An Absolute Disgrace

Earlier this week was ESPN the magazine’s 20th anniversary. For their 20th anniversary they decided to rank athletes from the last two decades and make a list of the top 20 of them. If you are anything like me you instantly thought this would be a steaming pile of shit. ESPN has been out for the New England Patriots and Tom Brady ever since they falsely reported about deflategate. Tom Brady’s ranking is what has sparked my anger but it’s not the only thing that irks me.

Tom Brady, the Greatest Quarterback of all time, is ranked #20. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? The guy who was a nobody benchwarmer for the Pats that was thrust into the starting role, and has led them to 5 championships ever since is ranked #20. Peyton Manning is ranked #3, IS THIS A JOKE? Peyton has 2 championships and one of those was won from his defense when the corpse of Peyton Manning was playing instead of Peyton himself.

Brady is the winnigest QB of all time, holds records for most wins in the playoffs, most TDs. The list goes on and on. He accomplished all of this in the last 20 years and you are going to tell me that he’s not as dominant as Nascar driver Jimmie Johnson? Is this some kind of sick joke? If this doesn’t prove to you that ESPN has it out for Brady and the Pats then I don’t know what will.

Also are we going to ignore Michael Phelps? He has the most Olympic Gold Medals of all time. How is he not somehow on this list, he’s a household name at this point. Everybody knows who Michael Phelps is. Also Serena Williams is only #12 on this list, I think she should be higher. She is the best female athlete of all time, there is just no question and what she has been able to do has been amazing. Lebron James as #2 is also a little too high on the list, and then the fact that Kobe isn’t listed here baffles me as well. I really hope whoever wrote this article gets fired from ESPN because this list is ridiculous, and if you think otherwise then #YouSilly


-John O’Connell
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