ESPN Ranking Lonzo Ball 63rd Best Player In The NBA Is Laughable

Today ESPN ranked Lonzo Ball the 63rd best player in the NBA and I have some issues with this. First of all, I love Lonzo’s game and I hope he becomes a great talent in the league. It is just way too early to rank him at number 63. ESPN is basing this off of his Summer League stats… Lonzo was going against scrubs in summer league. I want to see him go against real NBA talent before I start putting him into the top 100. ESPN even ranked Lonzo ahead of Carmelo Anthony. We all know that Carmelo has not performed as well as he should have over the past couple of years, but he has been on some terrible teams. As an overall proven veteran in the league, I would gladly take Carmelo before Lonzo Ball. 

Ball is so young and has a family with a huge ego, that this ranking will just add fuel to the fire. Guarantee his dad comes out today and says that Lonzo should have been ranked higher than 63rd overall. The media needs to stay out of this kids head and just let him play ball. I really want to see Lonzo succeed but I am afraid all of this hype that is surrounding him could get in the way of something special.

For all we know, Ball could have an amazing season and could even be ranked high next season. For right now ESPN has to chill out with that ranking.

Written By: Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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