ESPN Finally Decides to Release ‘The Last Dance’ Early

With the coronavirus essentially shutting down the sports world, people have been clamoring for ESPN to put out one of the summers most anticipated docuseries.

“The Last Dance” is a 10-part series that follows the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls. The series was originally supposed to be released by ESPN in June, but due to public pressure (thank you LeBron James) the worldwide leader has decided to start airing the series on April 19.

“The Last Dance” will run for five straight weeks, airing two episodes every Sunday night until May 17. The docuseries will also be available on Netflix for anywhere outside of the United States.

Like James mentions in the above video, it was kind of a no-brainer. Everyone is sitting at home not knowing what to do with themselves. Many of you reading this have probably gotten at least one text from a family member or friend asking you what movie or TV show they should watch. And for many sports fans, this shoots to the top of the list.

Still, I don’t understand why it took this long for ESPN to make the move. It isn’t like sports just stopped. The NBA made the decision suspended league play on March 11.

And obviously this was done for a good reason, but for fans having their teams season ripped away in the middle of the stretch run it was disheartening. ESPN could have already dropped the documentary for everyone to see. Instead they are probably going to be competing with Netflix’s “Tiger King” for the most viewed series in the U.S. over this period of quarantine.

But regardless I am glad ESPN has finally decided to do this. I, just like many others I assume, have been waiting for this series to release. I just wish it didn’t have to happen as a result of the current pandemic.

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