ESPN Dropped A Video Showing All 27 Of The Rockets Consecutive Missed Threes And It’s So Sad To Watch

What a site. Man, there were times in both the Rockets-Warriors and the Celtics-Cavs games where I thought that we actually were going to have a different result than the past three seasons.

But, classic, we’re rocking with a Golden State Warriors vs the Cleveland Cavs (LeBron) for the fourth time in a row.

I mean, yeah, the Celtics were atrocious in game 7, but if you’re a Rockets fan, this video is tough to stomach after watching your team blow a lead where they had full control in the game.

The Rockets went into the locker room at the half with an 11 point lead and that was even with the beginning of this 3-point debacle.

Jesus, even watching this makes me want to hate Draymond Green a little more than I already do. The rockets were so close. And the worst part about this video? It’s that a lot of these threes came from one of the most lethal shooters in the game in James Harden.

All around, once the Warriors remembered that they were playing basketball and that they needed to win that game to advance, they stomped out the Rockets like they were nothing. I legit fell asleep for what I thought was a minute and next thing I know the Warriors are up by 10. It was flabbergasting. First time I’ve ever spelled out flabbergasting and I can’t believe it’s in the English dictionary.

Legit though I love basketball, but I can’t stand it. I have no interest at all in the Finals now.

Like I was all into the Stanley Cup last night and a lot of it was because it was two teams who you wouldn’t hate to see win. And I mean, the Las Vegas Golden Knights are a straight-up electric factory that could probably power 90% of Africa. Those pregame ceremonies are genuinely one of the best parts of sports right now.

This video though. YEESH. That entire game, even when the Rockets were in full control, you knew the Warriors were going to win, right? It’s just not even fair at this point. I’ll stick with the most common take there is in the game right now. Kevin Durant ruined the NBA.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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