Ep. 81: Our Top Ten Starting Pitchers Right Now

Strap in guys cause this is a top tier episode we’ve got for you!
We first breakdown Zac Gallen’s injury (caused by him swinging the bat) and we go off on MLB once again for no universal DH (2:08). We then covered Salvador Perez’s extension for the Royals and how this affects them (7:17). Finally, we get into our Top Ten Starting Pitchers (13:00) and it was so much fun going through this list so we hope you guys enjoy!Thanks again for listening and if you want to support the podcast hit us with a follow on Spotify or Apple Music or any social media site!Follow us on Twitter (@AroundPod), Instagram (@aroundthediamondpod), Facebook (AroundDiamondPod) and TikTok (@aroundthediamond44) for some good Baseball content!https://open.spotify.com/episode/69ERzRvtv8RtRGr5wvQwYp?si=DgbBBEw9ROSIBqfEWvIgcg


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