Enes Kanter’s Cheat Day Meal Might End His NBA Career

Enes Kanter dropped a video yesterday of what his cheat day meal is looking like. We have pizza, hot dogs, burgers and sushi (?). Am I wildly confused over the sushi being added into this menu? Yeah, it just doesn’t seem like it belongs but hey, we’re in America so anything goes.

I already love this guy. One thing that I don’t think people are looking at enough is the likability factor with this upcoming Celtics team. Now, do we know whether or not they will be likable? I mean, no. But Celtics fans are DYING for this team to something fun to watch and root for next year after the debacle that was the 2018-2019 season.

Now you’re bringing in a guy like Kemba Walker who bleeds the work ethic and attitude that we all wanted Kyrie to have. And mix that in with adding in a Turkish man who is having a cheat meal that could make me die in one sitting?

Regarding Kanter, I’m just happy the Celtics brought in a competent center. I’m not saying that the Timelord isn’t one, but I just don’t know if he’s ready to be an everyday starter in the NBA.

The biggest thing with this team this year is the likability. Realistically, I think expectations are relatively low, especially compared to what they were last year. So at this point, people C’s fans just looking for reasons to root for this team. It’s sad that this is what we’ve come down to as Celtics fans. But we’re traumatized from the era that was Kyrie Irving.

Love Kanter, now let’s try to go get Banner 18? Maybe?

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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