Edgar Martinez Needs to get the Call to the Hall

It has been a topic of discussion since he has ever been on the ballot. Should Edgar Martinez be in the MLB Hall of Fame? You’d be stupid to say no.

It has been long enough for Martinez who spent his entire 18-year MLB career with the Seattle Mariners. The only knock against him is that his position was designated hitter. He has gotten punished for doing the job the Mariners gave him.

If Seattle threw him out there at first base for half his career there is no doubt in my mind this blog would never be written. That never happened though. The Mariners felt Edgar was best suited to just hit.

I am sure if they really wanted to they could have made Edgar their 1B but why do that if it makes the team worse? If he isn’t a good defender and you don’t have to play him in the field why do it? I am sure when Adam Dunn was in the national league teams weren’t clamoring to put him in the field.

The only thing that should be looked at in regards to Martinez’s candidacy is his ability to hit, which he did at an exceptional level. 309 home runs to go along with a career .933 OPS? That’s a hall of famer.

Between 1991 and 2001 Edgar averaged a .323 / .432 / .547 stat line. If someone of that caliber played in the field they’d be in Cooperstown. Hopefully the voters get it right this time in 2019.

-Jarrod Ribaudo (@Jribs53)

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