EA Sports PGA Tour Is Back!

With the Masters teeing off tomorrow, EA Sports made a pretty big announcement today about the future of golf games.

Here comes the champ!  EA Sports Tiger Woods Golf is one the better EA Sports games in my opinion and if this thing comes back to what it was, it will kill PGA Tour 2K21 that is out now.  I like 2K21 a lot.  I like that they have been responsive to fan suggestions and have been excellent with updating the courses and equipment.  But the two things 2K can’t compete with against EA Sports are graphics and gameplay.

2K21 has decent graphics.  They aren’t the best in the world by any means but they get the job done.  Now, if EA Sports is really back then these graphics will be fantastic.  Madden and FIFA continue to improve in that department each year and I can only imagine what Augusta National will look like on EA’s servers.  The other thing that EA Sports dominates 2K over is gameplay.  Every single EA Sports game is smoother and much more well run than any 2K game.  For example, me and my two friends were playing and we were tied up going into the 15th hole and 2K just lost connection.  EA Sports does not do that!  They are too good and too classy for that to happen.

The only thing 2K really has going for it now is that Tiger Woods signed on to lead the game.  Just like what he did with EA early in his career.

I can only imagine this will now be “Tiger Woods 2K22” for next year.  But do fans really care about that?  I’m not sure.  I always thought 2K made an inferior product to EA Sports, and if I’m paying $70 then I want the best.  Tiger Woods of course is the best name in the game but will that really keep people over at 2K?  I think EA Sports mastered the golf game but lost a lot of fans when they started to put less work into it than say FIFA or Madden.  If EA Sports comes back fully and does it right, then it might be a one and done for 2K.

-John (Uncle_mac4)

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